Artistic Director

Aundrea Anderson is an independent multi-media artist working in Colorado and New York City. Graduating with a BFA in Film Production (magna cum laude) as well as a BFA in Dance (magna cum laude) from the University of Colorado-Boulder in 2015, under the direction of Michelle Ellsworth and Erika Randall, Aundrea formed BiteDown Dance as a platform to further produce multi-media based art. Anderson is actively looking for new ways to integrate the use of film into live dance performance in order to create an encapsulating experience for the audience. She has shown work at the Dairy Art Center, American College Dance Festival, Boulder International Film Festival, Athena Project Festival, as well as art galleries including RedLine Denver. Her dance for camera work has been featured in several festivals including the Boulder International Film Festival, American Dance Festival- Movies by Movers, and the American College Dance Festival. As a performer, Aundrea has been fortunate to work in a variety of styles with artists including: Sumi Clements, Helanious Wilkins, Tina Marie Custer, Paige Cunningham, Beth Gill, and Kate Spear to name a few. Through her work, Anderson hopes to challenge the audience within the voyeuristic space of looking, forcing them into an introspective space of visceral understanding.



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